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TypeScript Quick Guide (ja)

Short TypeScript Tutorial for JavaScript Users / TypeScript クイックガイド

TypeScript Docs Generator

TypeScript Ambient Source File Documentation Generator (Experimental)

TypeScript Docs Repository

Repository of API documents automatically generated from DefinitelyTyped definitions. Those docs are informative for JavaScript users too.

Bullet Storm (仮)


three.d.ts demo

Multi-action animation / Toon Rendering Shader / Interactivity

Phyzkit (ja)

2D Physics Simulation Sandbox in Web Browser.


TypeScript porting of OpenSurf.cs

コミックマーケット83 bit-fragment Vol.2

『堅苦しくない!静的型付け言語 TypeScript 入門』

『GLSL ES / three.js で作るトゥーンシェーダ

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